About GCE

“We Work Hard, So You Can Share Smart.”

Earn while you Learn

We believe that valuable content should be made easily available for those who want it. After all, it’s for the better purpose of excelling in academics. That’s why we made content-sourcing easy, simple and seamless so that everyone; students and academicians alike, have a ONE-STOP platform for sharing.

✓ Be a part of a professional academic community from various institutions of higher learning!

✓ Buy and sell valuable contents related to your interest easily!

✓ Save time from browsing at every other marketplace for your academic needs!

✓ Easy membership, open for ALL!

What Is GCE Club?

Global Content Exchange Club (GCE Club) provides unlimited access to the largest collection of contents ranging from books, journals, thesis, audio files, multimedia, videos and any format of contents in a unified marketplace.

Think online shopping.

You want to buy something, so instead of running to a physical store, you just browse for it at an online shopping portal, make a purchase and enjoy your product after delivery.

Now think of an online shopping portal where you can sell and purchase academic contents. GCEClub is that portal!

Create, Publish & Sell At The Same Time.

The customized features enable the delivery of high-quality content quickly to the end-users, namely students, teachers, lecturers, professors, professionals, governments and private entities, libraries and every content enthusiast all over the world.

Four Different Services, One Powerful Platform.

GCE Exchange is a highly secured platform that enables any interested individual to trade or share any market-worthy contents, from researches and lab reports, to slides and designs. It’s featured with an easy-to-upload functionality that supports almost any format, and built with a secured payment gateway and a customized dashboard that provides details of transactions in real time.

GCE Academy brings you an exceptional online learning experience, where members can effectively engage in our accredited certification courses and webinars. The Academy caters to avid learners, those who strive to constantly improve themselves with knowledge and skills by reputable institutions, field experts or industry practitioners. Members will be able to access and enroll in online certification courses, soft skill courses as well as participate in webinars hosted by accredited institutions and subject matter experts.

GCE Events facilitates info-sharing on events, app notifications and also connecting members with their choice of target audiences, be it local or global. This feature enables members to reserve, buy tickets and promote their event via in-built tools such as custom email invitations, social sharing, ticketing, payment, and many more.

What You Get From GCE Club?

✓ Provides a central infrastructure where members can create, exchange, digitize and monetize contents.

✓ Helps foster knowledge and resource sharing among Learning Institutions i.e. Universities while monetizing the pool of contents for the betterment of the University.

✓ Provides opportunity for its members to gain knowledge and skills anytime and anywhere by accessing the GCE Academy.

✓ Equips aspiring writers with the knowledge, skills and resources required to bridge to the writing world.

✓ Develops the professional community and its global reach by transforming, nurturing and advancing our Nation’s creative industry.

✓ Creates a close-knit and knowledge-based group of people who are able to talk about the topics they love while sharing contents, links, social issues, political movements, news or announcements, thus becoming a platform that brings together a harmonious society.

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