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Black Shark was set up in 2017 as a gaming technology company driven by seasoned hardware engineers, designers and gamers. The Black Shark 2 becomes the first smartphone from the brand’s global portfolio to be officially available in India. The Black Shark 2 boasts of the same thermal technology used in high-end PC gaming rigs — the Mille-Feuille Full Area Liquid Cooling System. This reduces core temperatures by up to 14°C, perfect for those extended gaming sessions. The device is propelled by the best of breed Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Processor with a choice of two hardware options — 6/128 GB and 12/256GB. If you need an extra boost, turn on Ludicrous Mode that takes full advantage of this spec sheet. Every millisecond counts in a competitive gaming environment, this smartphone claims the world’s lowest latency touch (43.5 ms) for ultra-quick input response in action games.

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07 December 2019 Siva Kumar|A
Monday, 19 August 2019
1:30 PM - 11:19 AM

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