Gherkin and Cucumber for Effective Test Automation

04 November 2020 Rahul Arora|A

Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) has taken the software development world by storm - bringing Product, Development, and QA stakeholders together to ensure effective communication. The end result is a streamlined process that yields better results: features that customers actually need, higher quality products, and less time fixing issues later in the cycle. Many teams practicing BDD use the Gherkin ("Given-When-Then") format, which is written in plain English, making it easy to understand regardless of technical expertise. Gherkin scenarios can easily run as automated tests using a tool like Cucumber, making descriptive reporting after automation test runs easy to share. In this webinar, we'll show you how TestComplete, a functional test automation tool for manual testers and automation engineers, can also help teams on their journey to full-blown BDD through it's native support for Gherkin scenarios and a built-in Cucumber framework to run business requirement specifications written in plain English into automated tests.

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